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Appreciation of art has always been an integral part of my life and an underpinning in all my career endeavors. From minoring in art history in undergraduate school; to becoming an international flight attendant spending much of my layover time in some of the world's greatest museums and marketplaces; to becoming a marriage and family therapist and approaching couples therapy as an art form rather than a science .... art has been the centerpiece as well as the connection between my heart, mind, and soul. As a parent, I applied my love of art by painting life size wall murals in my children's bedrooms of their latest interest du jour from Sesame Street to Star Wars. Now as a retired therapist and empty nester, I have the luxury to paint full time for pleasure and on my own terms.

I am pleased to maintain an international presence today with my work residing in private art collections in Scotland, Italy, Australia, and South America. I am a proud member of the juried Worldwide Women Artists Online organization, and I am listed with the Artists Registry.

If you would like more information concerning any of my pieces, please contact me at If you wish to make a purchase, I ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS AND E-CHECK PAYMENTS SECURELY THROUGH PAYPAL. I always ship within 24 - 48 hours by Priority Mail, and for safety and security I include insurance and a tracking number. Please contact me to get a quote on shipping charges when you are ready to make a purchase.

RETURNS: Absolutely! I recognize the daunting challenge for some to purchase art on the Internet that can not be first touched or "test driven". Therefore for peace of mind, if you are not 100% satisfied, the art may be returned for a full refund if returned within 7 days after receipt.

INTERESTED IN A COMMISSIONED PAINTING? Please Email me at . We can then discuss the specifics of your desire for size, subject, and color palette. If you have a reference photo available that would be helpful as well. After our collaboration, I will be happy to give you a quote. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before work will begin, and the remainder is due before the work is shipped.
Thank you for visiting!

Artfully yours,

Feedback from Buyers:

" Beautiful. Just right for our kitchen!" PHILIP C.

"I love this little painting. It is so charming, and arrived very quickly". Kristina C.

"Susan was a joy to work with! The art was packaged beautifully and shipped quickly. Highly recommended". Private Profile

"Kitchenware" is a delight in my kitchen. The colors are rich, vibrant, and cheerful. Susan Dehlinger is a kind and talented artist." Mary L

"Beautiful painting, great detail and colors..​­thanks!" Kristin K.

"Carefully wrapped and shipped quickly. Lovely work! Highly recommended." Private Profile

"Adorable and perfect for my kitchen." Kristin K.

"Great vibrant colors..​­unusual piece love it. Susan is a dream to work with." Kristin K.

"So cute, makes me dream of vacation." Kristin K.

I love the still life - it is just perfect in my breakfast room! " Toni S.

"Lovely little kitchen paintings! Very prompt shipping"~ Jane R.

"This was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Susan was so helpful, patient, and prompt in answering my questions. When her art arrived so nicely packaged, I opened it and seeing the paintings took my breath away. They were even lovelier in person. The colors are so vibrant and I plan to purchase more of her art soon." Evelyn H.

"Thank you so much, Susan I love the landscape painting. The colors are wonderful and it looks perfect in my bedroom". I feel such a peace when I look at it." Frances B.

"Great painting for my great room and great working with you Susan! I'll be a customer of yours again soon. I already have my eye on a couple of others." Bill S.

"Thank you - I love it!!!! " Private Profile


Eggs in Terracotta by Susan Dehlinger


Green Apple Halved SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Washington Red SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Chairman of the Boards by Susan Dehlinger


King by Susan Dehlinger


Cock a Doodle Doo by Susan Dehlinger


Handsome Boy by Susan Dehlinger


Too Early by Susan Dehlinger


Red Rosebud SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


White Bells SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Tropical by Susan Dehlinger


Everybody Needs Somebody by Susan Dehlinger


It's All About Pears SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Geraniums in a Row-- SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


An Apple a Day by Susan Dehlinger


Fruit Jug and Wine Bottle by Susan Dehlinger


Ginger Jar and Apples......SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


A Simple Meal......SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Rough Surf SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Chloe by Susan Dehlinger


An Impression of Apples by Susan Dehlinger


Pewter Reflections by Susan Dehlinger


Pear Study SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Apple Study SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Chunky Granny - Sold by Susan Dehlinger


Mi Casa de Sueno - Sold by Susan Dehlinger


Kitchen Copper SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Thai Limes - Sold by Susan Dehlinger


Kitchenware by Susan Dehlinger


Straight Up - Sold by Susan Dehlinger


Pure Sunshine SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Sunflower Surprise SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Fall Berries - Sold by Susan Dehlinger


Family Ties by Susan Dehlinger


Paradise Lost - Sold by Susan Dehlinger


Gift From Sunshine - Sold by Susan Dehlinger


English Country Cottage Sold by Susan Dehlinger


Pretentious Pear SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


View Through North Carolina Pines - SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Woven Wicker Wine Casks - Sold by Susan Dehlinger


Anjou Pear SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Hydrangea SOLD by Susan Dehlinger


Peaceful Rose SOLD by Susan Dehlinger