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Open Letter to Peter Gregory Owner of Now Defunct Boundless Gallery

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For those of you who are members of the now defunct Boundless Gallery, and if you are owed a refund for your membership service contract, I suggest you write Mr. Gregory at , but warning that by asking him for what is rightly yours, he may be abusive and condescending in his response as he was to me. I decided to write him after I saw an article on quoting him as "not being a fool to continue a failed business plan" and now was happily "seeking new horizons". As late as mid February, Boundless was still advertising to solicit members (the fools apparently) to upgrade their memberships......guessing that was the gravy needed to finance those "new horizons"? Less than two weeks later, Boundless folded giving members only 5 days notice!

Dear Mr. Gregory,

As a member of Boundless Gallery who experienced success as a seller making our relationship one of win-win, I am so disappointed in learning only 5 days before it happened that Boundless would fold and close its virtual doors.

I felt Boundless was the best bargain on the Internet and its customer service, namely Nolan Lipe the best of the best.
Nothing can come close to replacing either feature. I sure don't know all the facts other than the obvious one, but It's a shame someone did not approach the other part of the Boundless team --its membership---and level with us/request our help/additional fees, etc....what ever it would have taken to keep it afloat, but we weren't given that consideration.

Many of us had just renewed our membership and have paid for a year's service and there is no service now. I can find nothing you've sent out to members, much less how you intend to return the unused portion of our dues owed us. Please advise.

Best regards,
Susan Dehlinger